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Question   Driver Reginald
Hello again Lamont, I've slowed down to view your web site "Outstanding". I hope to shoot like that soon. Thank you again for sharing your information. I'll send you a few of my works in progress. LOL


- Reginald Baker April 12, 2012

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Question   Kayla and Tristan's Wedding
Thanks for doing this. The pictures look great.

- Tristan Weide January 17, 2012

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I enjoyed viewing your gallery but I was extremely taken with the shots of the churches & castles...BEAUTIFUL

- Marcella Clinton November 12, 2010

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Question   Fan
I really enjoy looking at your photos. When things get stressful at work as you know all too well how it can be, I click onto your site. Even just a few slides have th ability to take me away for a while. Then I can get back to things. I appreciate your photography passion!!

- Debbie Spalding November 17, 2008

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Question   love the winter!!
its all good

-  November 22, 2007

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Question   Enyoyed your photos!
from: your endocrine students and residents May 2007. Hope you get to add to this after your vacation in Colorado!

-  May 22, 2007

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Question   Your princess
I'm your biggest fan! ;)

-  May 07, 2007

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Question   R/C
Great shots of our City Wide at SMRCC.


-  September 16, 2005

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Question   Hi Lamont
We were 'in class' together a couple years ago in Bryan Peterson's class. I was looking back through some images and decided to give your website a peak. Very nice. So how's "work" going? (I mean the one involving the stethescope, not the shutter!).
I'm at the University of Cincinnati doing yet more post-doctoral work.

Drop me a line when you have a chance

- Kevin S. Jones April 03, 2005

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